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Spare ribs

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Spare ribs

Shelf life and storage conditions

For refrigerated products:
Temperature ºС: from -1 to +4 Relative humidity,%: 85 Shelf life: 12 days

For frozen products:
Relative humidity from 95 - 98%. Shelf life depending on t ºC: 3 months at T not higher (-12) ºC; 6 months at T not higher (-18) ºC; 7 months at T not higher (-20) ºC; 12 months at T not higher (-25) ºC;

Product regulatory document:

TU U 10.1-36027341-001: 2013

Organoleptic indicators:

The bones are isolated from the thoracic-rib part of porkside with cartilage and the content of muscle, adipose and connective tissue not more than 15%. The surface is clean, not ventilated and without slipping. The smell is inherent in this type of product, without foreign odor.

Transport conditions:

Semi-finished products are transported in refrigerated or isothermal vehicles that ensure the preservation of product quality, in accordance with the rules of transportation of perishable goods operating on the relevant mode of transport.

Packaging and types of packaging:

Packed in a plastic bag

Chilled Packaging materials: - p / e package 1050 * 600 mm DSTU 7275: 2012

Frozen Weight of 1 monoblock., Kg: 15.0-17.0 Number of monoblocks on the pallet, pcs: 45 Pallet weight, kg: 675.0-765.0 The size of the pallet l × h × w, mm: 1200x1800x800 Packing materials: - p / e package of 1050 * 600 mm of DSTU 7275: 2012